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Custom domains

Custom domains

Here’s how to put your app on your project’s custom domain name. For context, Cloud Foundry’s Routes and Domains documentation explains the overall model and terminology that uses.

There is a Manual Method and a Managed Service Method. The latter is vastly preferred to the former, for the following reasons:

  • It is (somewhat) self-service
  • It will automatically create and renew the certificate

Both options support IPv6.

For all custom domains, we recommend incorporating HTTPS-Only Standard guidance, including HSTS and preloading.

If your application requires DNSSEC, you are responsible for ensuring your custom domain is DNSSEC-enabled before following these instructions.

If you need to set up an app on a domain managed by GSA TTS, you may also be interested in 18F/dns.

Manual Method

Send a request to support to tell us you want to set up a custom domain. Include your domain and org name.

We’ll configure your org to make your domain available for use with that org, and we’ll tell you the entry to put in your DNS. Next you’ll set up your application route, as explained in the next section.

Application Routes

Use cf domains to list the domains that are available to you, to confirm that we configured your org correctly.

Use your application manifest.yml to identify the domain where the application route should be created.

For example, if you want to make your app available as a subdomain of your domain:

- name: myapp
  domain: domain.tld

That will create the route myapp.domain.tld for your application. Alternatively, you can specify a specific hostname for your app separate from the application name within CF. For example:

- name: myapp
  host: frontend
  domain: domain.tld

That will create the route frontend.domain.tld for your application.

If you want to make your app available simply as a domain (without a subdomain), for example as domain.tld, put . under host.

Hostless Routes

Here’s how to route a delegated domain (or subdomain) to a CF app, for example if you’ve been delegated domain.tld or app.parent.tld.

First send us a support request to ask us to make the domain available in your org.

Then, you can create the route and map it to your application, for example:

cf map-route myapp domain.tld


cf map-route myapp app.parent.tld


Managed Service Method

See the CDN service page for instructions.