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GovCloud guide

GovCloud guide has consolidated to one “environment” where orgs can live: GovCloud (located in AWS GovCloud). The FedRAMP JAB P-ATO only covers the GovCloud environment.

Breaking changes in GovCloud

  • GSA, EPA and FDIC accounts already work in GovCloud. Others need to be explicitly invited.
  • The API endpoint (for now) is When you log in on the command line, use this new command: cf login -a --sso
  • To access the Dashboard, visit
  • If you previously used the East/West environment, you’ll want to know the different names and plans for some services in GovCloud:

    AWS East/West service name AWS GovCloud equivalent
    elasticsearch-swarm-* elasticsearch*
    rds aws-rds
    redis*-swarm redis*
  • There is a small set of differences between the older “Warden/DEA” backend (used for the AWS East/West environment) and the newer “Diego/cells” backend (used for the AWS GovCloud environment). Review the Diego migration guide for minor changes you may need to make before migrating, and check for common issues if you run into a problem.

New features

Experimental new features