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Managing teammates

Managing teammates

Invite a teammate

If you’re part of a team using, you can invite teammates to get accounts. You can invite anyone you need to work with, including federal employees and federal contractors.

First, send them an invite from the following link. (This may prompt you to log into your account first.)

In the GovCloud environment (what's this?)

In the East/West environment (what's this?)

Then, confirm with them that they have received and accepted the invite. Now they have a account!

If you invited them with an agency email address and they’re part of an agency that has automatic sandbox spaces, they’ll also automatically get a sandbox space in their agency’s org.

Give roles to a teammate

After a teammate gets a account, an Org Manager or Space Manager will need to give them roles in your orgs and spaces so they can collaborate with you. For details about how org and space roles and permissions work, see Cloud Foundry roles and permissions.

If you’re an Org Manager or Space Manager, here’s how to give your teammates roles for your orgs and spaces. You can check whether you’re an Org Manager using cf org-users <org> and whether you’re a Space Manager using cf space-users <org> <space>.

Check what version of the CLI you’re running: cf -v. If that’s older than the latest version listed here, you should upgrade it to avoid unexpected errors.

Decide which roles to give them. For a complete list of roles, see the Cloud Foundry guide to Org and Space Roles. Examples:

  • If you want to make them an admin for your organization, run:

    cf set-org-role <email> <org> OrgManager
  • If you want to give them admin access for a space, run:

    cf set-space-role <email> <org> <space> SpaceManager
  • If you want to give them permission to deploy applications in a space, run:

    cf set-space-role <email> <org> <space> SpaceDeveloper
  • To give them read-only permissions to the organization, run:

    cf set-org-role <email> <org> OrgAuditor