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Creating organizations


New sandbox organizations are automatically created when users sign in for the first time, via the sandbox bot.


Non-sandbox organizations need to be created by hand. To do so:

  1. The organization request form should be filled out by a team member or the tenant.
  2. After requesting an org, a Business Unit person must verify the org request and check that all the necessary info is there. They automatically receive a notification (it goes to Zendesk), but if they haven’t responded yet and you need a response soon, ask in #cg-business for a Business Unit person to take a look. They will verify the info and note in the Zendesk ticket that a person on support rotation can go ahead and create it (this may be you if you have permission).
  3. If you don’t already have cg-scripts, git clone or otherwise download it to your computer, because you’ll use the cf-create-org script for this step. Navigate to the cg-scripts directory, then copy and paste the command in column M of the form output that corresponds to the appropriate row of the form — the spreadsheet should have automatically created the appropriate command using a formula. Using that script will automatically give the org the right name (column B + C).

  4. Make the primary (technical) point of contact an OrgManager.
    • If they don’t have an account yet, tell BU that they need to invite them and ask them to accept the invite (and to let you know when they’ve accepted it). After they have an account, make them an OrgManager.
  5. Check to make sure you’re removed from any roles in the org that you automatically received.

  6. Ask the BU to notify the OrgManager that the organization is created.

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