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Creating a Local Dev Environment With VirtualBox

Creating a Local Dev Environment With VirtualBox

BOSH Lite is designed to provide a local development environment for BOSH and by extension Cloud Foundry. BOSH Lite will be used run locally via Virtualbox. This guide is primarily concerned with bringing up a single-instance environment VB.

To create a local environment you need to follow the instructions from the Cloud Foundry documentation:

If you need the spiff utility, install it by running:

# For Mac OS X
sudo unzip -d /usr/local/bin

# For Linux
sudo unzip -d /usr/local/bin
Configure Cloud Foundry:

With VirtualBox the domain will be tied to the localhost and will always be: … domain: …

Initial Cloud Foundry Configuration:

Connect using the Cloud Foundry CLI.

cf api --skip-ssl-validation
cf auth admin admin

Note: This step will fail with a 500 error if the VMs cannot reach each other via

Verify deployment

Create and target an organization.

    cf create-org MY-ORGANIZATION
    cf target -o MY-ORGANIZATION

Create and target a space.

    cf create-space MY-SPACE
    cf target -s MY-SPACE
  • If you are having networking issues make sure to run: bin/add-route.
  • If you restarted your VM you might need to run bosh cck cf-warden to ensure the cluster is running properly.
  • If the CF cluster is unresponsive you can tear it off by destroying the cluster and following the instructions here again

    vagrant destroy vagrant up bosh deploy