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Creating a Local Dev Environment With VirtualBox

Creating a Local Dev Environment With VirtualBox

This page is primarily for the team. It's public so that you can learn from it. For help using, see the user docs.

BOSH Lite is designed to provide a local development environment for BOSH and by extension Cloud Foundry. BOSH Lite will be used run locally via Virtualbox. This guide is primarily concerned with bringing up a single-instance environment VB.

To create a local environment you need to follow the instructions from the Cloud Foundry documentation:

If you need the spiff utility, install it by running:

# For Mac OS X
sudo unzip -d /usr/local/bin

# For Linux
sudo unzip -d /usr/local/bin
Configure Cloud Foundry:

With VirtualBox the domain will be tied to the localhost and will always be: … domain: …

Initial Cloud Foundry Configuration:

Connect using the Cloud Foundry CLI.

cf api --skip-ssl-validation
cf auth admin admin

Note: This step will fail with a 500 error if the VMs cannot reach each other via

Verify deployment

Create and target an organization.

    cf create-org MY-ORGANIZATION
    cf target -o MY-ORGANIZATION

Create and target a space.

    cf create-space MY-SPACE
    cf target -s MY-SPACE
  • If you are having networking issues make sure to run: bin/add-route.
  • If you restarted your VM you might need to run bosh cck cf-warden to ensure the cluster is running properly.
  • If the CF cluster is unresponsive you can tear it off by destroying the cluster and following the instructions here again

    vagrant destroy vagrant up bosh deploy