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Making announcements

Making announcements

This page is primarily for the team. It's public so that you can learn from it. For help using, see the user docs.


Announcing Maintenance users need advance notice when we plan potentially disruptive changes. We give users notice by logging scheduled maintenance on the status page, which helps them plan their own work and correctly identify errors and problems caused by the maintenance.

To announce maintenance on the status page:

  1. Log into the status page management console.
  2. Go to Incidents | Scheduled Maintenance.
  3. Add a maintenance window.
    • Describe the change briefly (including how it makes better).
    • Indicate whether you expect any disruption in service as a result.
    • Direct users to support channels if they have questions or are worried about the timing of the maintenance.
    • Use an appropriate time window.
      • Pay attention to the timezone, which is specified in Eastern Time.
      • Be sure to leave a little more time than you expect will be needed. Better to be done earlier than announced than run later than expected.
    • If disruption is expected, check the box that says “Automatically remind subscribers” so they are proactively warned in advance of the window.
    • Ask another team member for a content review before posting.
  4. Extend the window if you’re not done in time. End it early if you’re done sooner than announced.

Announcing Incidents/Outages

See the service disruption guide.