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Managing quotas

Tenants may contact support to request quota modification, such as to increase their resource allocation.

Memory changes (or changes to whether an org can access paid services) need an authorized requester from the tenant side and BU review, since that has cost impact. Changing number of routes and services does not have cost impact; it’s fine to change those without review.

We don’t change quotas for sandboxes (they all get the default quota). If a sandbox user requests increased memory on a sandbox, coordinate with business unit, since that may mean the person should purchase a paid package (or use an existing paid package).

To modify the quota:

  1. For memory quota changes, check whether the requester is an Org Manager (via cf org-users or Admin UI) or System Owner (via customer info) for that org. If they’re not, ask them to get an Org Manager or System Owner to request this. Also ask the BU (for example in #cg-business) to calculate whether the request would cause them to go over their usage budget in their agreement.
  2. List the details about the organization.

     cf org <org>
  3. Find the quota name from the quota: property.
  4. Update the quota.

     cf update-quota <quota> [options]