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Importing Credentials to Credhub

These instructions lay out the process and guidelines for importing existing credentials into Credhub. Credhub has a bulk-import feature for adding existing credentials to Credhub. The credentials must be added to a yml file that specifies the name, type, and credential value. These instructions are to make this process less painful.

Install Pivotal “vars-to-creds” CLI

Follow the instructions here to install the CLI provided by Pivotal.

Import procedure

Download the pertinent file that contains the credentialss for a deployment from the S3 bucket. If we were importing the credentials for dev bosh these are the steps needed for an import:

./vars-to-credhub --prefix /bosh/development --vars-file development-bosh.yml > dev-bosh-import.yml

Inspect the values generated in dev-bosh-import.yml. Verify that the credential types are correct.

Now target and login to the corresponding credhub that needs the credentials. Run the following command:

credhub import --file `dev-bosh-import.yml`