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Rotating Secrets VII - SMTP


In order to send outbound mail there is a internal postfix mail relay. Postfix uses TLS certificates to secure the communications, and SASL to authenticate the mail clients.

Rotation requires a small amount of downtime while the service is deployed and restarted.

The secrets are all located in the production-postfix.yml file. All operations described here are to be done on the data in that file.

Rotate TLS Certificates and SASL credential

The TLS certs from the Postfix Deployment Pipeline can be rotated using the bosh int command.

  1. Delete the postfix_ca, postfix_ssl, and cloudgov_pw sections in the production-postfix.yml file.
  2. bosh int bosh/manifest.yml --vars-store /tmp/production-postfix.yml > /dev/null
  3. Make sure the postfix_ca and postfix_ssl sections, as well as cloudgov_pw were regenerated.

Rotate DKIM key

This procedure is based on this document:

Log into a host that has opendkim installed on it. You can apt-get install opendkim opendkim-tools to get this going, or just log into something with the postfix release installed on it.

opendkim-genkey -D /tmp/ -d -s mail

This should generate /tmp/mail.txt and /tmp/mail.private.

Update DNS to have the TXT record in it. The file is currently and here is an example of how to do this:

Update the encrypted production-postfix.yml file with the private key and the TXT record.

Push changes out there

Run all planning and production pipelines:

  • terraform-provision: to put DNS changes out there
  • deploy-postfix: plan and deploy this to get the certs/keys updated.


Use the Troubleshooting SMTP guide to verify the new username, password and certificates work as expected.