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Troubleshooting Nessus Manager

To clear up the fetch --register error in the nessus manager deployment, you will create a jumpbox to ssh into the Nessus Manager VM.

Once inside the VM, the fetch --register command is run from our ctl script in the nessus manager release. You will find this file on the VM at /var/vcap/jobs/nessus-manager/bin/ctl. You’re going to want to run this command after coordinating with the System Owner to reset the license key.

Once this command completes, you will restart the nessus-service job on the VM.

monit restart nessus-service; watch -n 1 "monit summary"

Once the job is reporting as running, you will be able to login again via the Web UI.


For some reason, is having problems deleting scans and exiting prematurely. This may cause scans to build up and eventually run the system out of disk, which can cause problems.

You will need to create a jumpbox to ssh into the Nessus Manager VM and try running the script by hand and debugging it from there.

This script runs from cron: