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Troubleshooting Tripwire Alerts

Dealing with Tripwire Violation alerts

tripwire reported a violation, now what?

  1. Use a jumpbox + bosh ssh to access the host that is alerting.
  2. Run a tripwire report in update mode: tripwire -m c -L <local site key path> -S <site-key-path> -P <password> -I
  3. The report opens in vim. Look for the Object Detail section(s) to see what changed. Properties with * by their names have changed.
  4. If the changes seem reasonable:
    1. Update the Tripwire Policy. Try to figure out the most restrictive tripwire policy change you can make that will silence the alert. E.g. a logfile that gets truncated/rotated periodically might need to be changed from Growing to Dynamic. IgnoreAll and ! should be absolute last resorts.
    2. Make sure to exit vim with :cq so your changes are not persisted locally to the database.
    3. Push your changes, make a PR, and redeploy any releases that may be affected by the policy change.
  5. If the changes are not reasonable, find their cause and consider opening a security incident.