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Setting up a local development environment

This guide is useful for setting up a local development environment for platform operations and includes a number of command-line tools used in the development and maintenance of the system.

This guide assumes you are using a standard GSA-provided Mac OS development asset for specifying commands and packages.

Setting up a local development environment

Pre-install for brand new machines

  • Install brew
    • Note: If this is a new GSA-provided laptop, it likely does not come with brew installed. Install brew and other tools via the 18F platform scripts from the 18F laptop repo (or manually if you have strong preferences about the laptop script)
    • bash <(curl -s

Install open-source CloudFoundry

  • Install CloudFoundry for Mac per CF docs:
    • brew tap cloudfoundry/tap
    • brew install cf-cli
    • brew install cloudfoundry/tap/bosh-cli
    • brew install openssl
  • An existing teammate will make your admin account
    • They will use the create-cf-admin script from cg-scripts with your GSA email address
  • Verify account setup and CloudFoundry installation via the CLI
    • cf login -a --sso
    • cf orgs
      • As a team member, you should have a very giant list of organizations
      • If you have none or one (e.g. sandbox) org, contact your facilitator

Install Bosh

Install Concource & Fly

  • Install the Concourse fly CLI
    • Download the fly binary zip for MacOS from
    • Extract the binary and move it to /usr/local/bin/fly so it’s in your path
      • cd ~/Downloads
      • mv fly /usr/local/bin/fly
    • Verify using fly -h

Install Terraform

  • Install Terraform and other tools per cg-provision
    • brew install terraform
    • brew install awscli
    • brew install jq
    • Verify Terraform installed and is in your path
      • Run terraform and helper text should display
    • Verify AWS CLI installed and is in your path
      • Run aws and helper text should display

Install dev scripts

  • Install dev scripts by cloning the cg-scripts repo
    • git clone
    • Note: may also be done via Github Desktop

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