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Prototyping package details

The prototyping package enables teams to build and deploy many experimental applications in the secure, compliant, and standardized environment.

Flexible structure

A prototyping package can have an unlimited number of users (such as developers and program managers) and an unlimited number of separate application environments with a variety of applications. An entire agency, office, or department can purchase a prototyping package. A person or team at the agency (such as an IT services team) manages access to the package.

Example use cases

  • Enable teams to evaluate compatibility with for candidate systems before moving them to production on, including load testing.
  • Give each technical team member their own cloud environment as a professional development opportunity, helping them train on modern technologies.
  • Reduce shadow IT by giving staff an approved environment, with oversight, to try experiments and new ideas.


Prototyping packages cannot host production data. All prototyping package applications are limited to using the * domain. Applications that are ready for production should move to a production package, FISMA Low or FISMA Moderate.

Full oversight and configuration for administrators

  • Give and remove user access to individual environments. (This can include employees and contractors.)
  • View all applications and all users with access to each environment.
  • Set and adjust the resource usage limit for entire package, as well as setting and adjusting resource usage limits for each environment within the package.
  • Integrate your agency identity provider with so that employees and contractors log in with agency credentials.
  • Use the API to build tools for managing the prototyping package.