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FISMA High impact PaaS options

FISMA High impact PaaS options

Is appropriate for High impact level systems?

At this time, is not appropriate for the highest-risk systems defined by FISMA — FISMA High systems. We may develop that capability in the future if current and potential customers need it; if you’re interested, let us know.


For now, an agency that wants a PaaS for FISMA High systems has two options. First, they can work with commercial PaaS vendors who offer that capability. Second, agencies can stand up OpenStack somewhere in their own trusted infrastructure as an IaaS product. They can then adapt what we’ve done to deliver

Adapting on your own for FISMA High

Cloud Foundry has a “Cloud Provider Interface” (CPI) that acts as a driver for deploying Cloud Foundry on different IaaS providers. Everything we do is open source, so any other agency can fork our work, switch the CPI from Amazon Web Services (which we use) to OpenStack and point it at their own hardened, private deployment of OpenStack.

This approach requires more work, either in-house or through a vendor, than a commercial PaaS option. No agency has deployed privately for itself yet, and we would not recommend this path until we have tested its support for a wider range of infrastructures. Agencies choosing this path should take care to plan for the ongoing support and maintenance, which can be significant.