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Introduction offers multiple services to allow your application to expand its functionality.

To list all the services and plans available to your organization, you can run cf marketplace from your command line.

Here is a list of the services that are generally available:

Service Name Description Support Status
aws-rds Persistent, relational databases using Amazon RDS Production Ready
cdn-route Custom domains, CDN caching, and TLS certificates with automatic renewal Production Ready
cloud-gov-identity-provider Authenticate users in your app Beta
cloud-gov-service-account service accounts for automated access by programs Beta
elasticsearch24 [Experimental] Elasticsearch version 2.4: a distributed, RESTful search and analytics engine Alpha
redis28 [Experimental] Redis version 2.8: an in-memory data structure store Alpha
s3 Amazon S3 provides developers with secure, durable, highly-scalable object storage Production Ready

Support Status

  • Production Ready: The service has been tested to ensure it has the resiliency required for a production system.
  • Beta: The service is stable but still requires further development to ensure it can be deployed to production systems.
  • Alpha: The service is under development and some downtime or data loss can occur.