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Elasticsearch 2.4

Elasticsearch 2.4 offers Elasticsearch 2.4 as a service. This service is still in Alpha mode: downtime and data loss is possible.


Plan Name Description Price
1x Elasticsearch instance with 1GB of RAM and 1 slice of CPU Free in Alpha
3x Elasticsearch instance with 3GB of RAM and 1 slice of CPU Free in Alpha
6x Elasticsearch instance with 6GB of RAM and 1 slice of CPU Free in Alpha
12x Elasticsearch instance with 12GB of RAM and 2 slices of CPU Free in Alpha

How to create an instance

To create a service instance run the following command:

cf create-service elasticsearch24 1x my-elastic-service

Additional notes

Each instance is one node; there is not currently a way to make multi-node instances.

ElasticSearch 2.4 allows for dots in field names. This is a feature that existed pre-ElasticSearch 2.0 but was disabled in versions 2.0 to 2.3. Learn more about that here.

Rotating credentials

You can rotate credentials by creating a new instance and deleting the existing instance. If this is not an option, email support to request rotating the credentials manually.

The broker in GitHub

You can find the broker here: