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What is

What is is a Platform as a Service that helps the federal government serve the public. enables teams of employees and contractors to focus on developing and deploying custom applications that serve agency missions, without needing to manage underlying server infrastructure.

The core of is a Platform as a Service (PaaS) built specifically for government work, based on the open source Cloud Foundry project. This means the customer team is responsible for their own product’s code, and the platform takes care of the security and maintenance of everything underneath. runs on top of industry-provided infrastructure (currently Amazon Web Services is the “Infrastructure as a Service” provider). removes the complexity of managing this infrastructure from the customer’s experience.

All the software components of the Platform as a Service are open source.

Why work with this Platform as a Service? gives teams working for federal government a secure, fully compliant foundation on which to build and release products and updates quickly. It handles the shared technical and policy requirements common to federal government systems, so that teams can skip a large amount of repetitive work and instead focus on delivering software that serves people’s needs. It’s built to keep applications online even with large numbers of users and sharp increases in usage. is built and maintained by 18F as part of the U.S. General Services Administration’s Technology Transformation Service portfolio. is a cost-recoverable service funded by charging a fee to the teams that use it. provides Compliance as a Service’s built-in compliance support helps customers create the security documentation and continuing assurance necessary for federal services to comply with FISMA regulations and agency-specific “Authority to Operate” (ATO) requirements.