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Who can use it?

Who can use it? is suitable for a wide range of applications, including websites and non-website applications for internal and public uses.

Good fit for

  • You have a technical team (employees and/or contractors) that can push applications to (See technical requirements below.)
  • Your application is for a United States federal government organization.
  • You understand that is a product under active development and will see changes in the future.
  • Your application is FISMA Moderate or lower.
  • You can pay for through the federal Interagency Agreement (IAA/MOU) process (see how to purchase).

Technical requirements

  • Your team can install the command line interface (compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux).
  • Your application can read configuration from the environment.
  • Your application uses one stateless process at a time (that can be horizontally scaled).
  • Your application listens to a single port.
  • Your application’s dependencies are explicitly declared (such as requirements.txt for Python).

  • Your organization can integrate your identity system with over SAML.

  • Your application doesn’t rely on the filesystem for storing its state.

  • Your application can follow the 12-Factor App guidelines.

Not a good fit

Cannot use

  • The applications you’re building are not on behalf of a U.S. government organization.