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Who can use it?

Who can use it? is suitable for a wide range of applications, including websites and non-website applications for internal and public uses.

Good fit for

  • You have a technical team (employees and/or contractors) that can push applications to (See technical requirements below.)
  • Your application is for a United States federal government organization.
  • You understand that is a product under active development and will see changes in the future.
  • Your application is FISMA Moderate or lower.
  • You can pay for through the federal Interagency Agreement (IAA/MOU) process (see how to purchase).

Technical requirements

  • Your team can install the command line interface (compatible with Windows, Mac, and Linux).
  • Your application can read configuration from the environment.
  • Your application uses one stateless process at a time (that can be horizontally scaled).
  • Your application listens to a single port.
  • Your application’s dependencies are explicitly declared (such as requirements.txt for Python).
  • Your application doesn’t rely on local storage for long-term data stores.
  • Your organization can integrate your identity system with over SAML.
  • Your application can follow the 12-Factor App guidelines.

Not a good fit

  • Your application requires Oracle, SQL Server, or proprietary databases.
  • Your team is unable to use the federal Interagency Agreement process for payment. For example, this may apply for teams working for U.S. local, state, tribal, or territory government organizations. If this applies to your team, sign up for updates so that we can notify you if we add other options.

Cannot use

  • The applications you’re building are not on behalf of a U.S. government organization.