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Why it’s available

Why it’s available

Our mission is broader than making it easier for government agencies to adopt cloud deployment. The mission of is to enable agencies to deliver services to the public as fast as they can develop them while applying best practices in security and compliance with minimal effort. helps federal agencies deliver taxpayer-funded services the American people deserve in a faster, more user-centered way.

Solving the cloud operations bottleneck

All federal agencies have a mandate to deploy their services in the cloud. Any agency tackling this problem will face regulatory and compliance challenges. Some agencies will tackle these problems with little cloud operations capability or experience. Even agencies with the right expertise can face resource shortages, confusion about choosing a Platform as a Service (PaaS) solution, bureaucracy, or other limitations.

Many separate agencies and IT organizations are independently trying to solve these problems, resulting in redundant efforts. A centralized PaaS model, one that is already compliant with federal rules, would reduce the work and cost of wider cloud adoption.

More efficiency across government

One of our goals for is to give other agencies access to the same gains in productivity that 18F has seen from using By deploying government apps with this model, then making the model available for other agencies, as well as making it replicable as an open source project, we hope to increase the efficiency with which any agency can deliver digital services. The potential economy of scale is huge.