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How the pricing model is managed

How the pricing model is managed is available to teams working on behalf of federal agencies. The pricing model is based on full cost recovery.

The current pricing model has three components: access package, resource usage, and managed services. Find the current costs of a package that suits your needs on our pricing page.

The commitment of the pricing model’s pricing model is an ongoing experiment. Whether it fits the needs of federal agencies is still being validated. The promise to partner agencies is that prices will not change on them mid-fiscal year, and the price of any particular part of the platform will not go up.

The model itself may change between fiscal years, but those changes will not apply to existing paid users. honors the pricing model for access during the IAA’s period of performance, and will not change the model for any particular partner until their IAA’s period of performance is over.

Comparison with private sector pricing

Comparing’s pricing model to private Platform as a Service (PaaS) providers is difficult, as it is not an apples to apples comparison. A price comparison would include the up-front and opportunity costs of procurement, operations, security, and compliance teams in obtaining a solution. These costs can be difficult to isolate, especially if they are covered by various working capital funds in your agency. avoids many of these costs and delivers a proven, ready-to-ATO infrastructure to your teams’ hands on day one via an Inter-agency Agreement (IAA).’s resource usage is already priced competitively with the private market, and is the superior option in reducing compliance friction to access the cloud.