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Quota costs, billing, and limits

Quota costs, billing, and limits capacity is billed by quota. Quotas provide a not-to-exceed reservation of memory, compute, application routes and service instances.


Most packages are $0.0033 per MB reserved per day, with no limit except the quota you set.

There are two exceptions:

  • Open data packages have a 2 GB of RAM per month limit.
  • Sandboxes offer resource usage for free, but it is capped at 1 GB of RAM per month.

Usage quotas are set in advance. This helps you control the maximum amount that your team will spend, and helps us avoid over-provisioning resources that won’t be used.


Quotas are associated with and billed to a project IAA number or equivalent billing tag. Quotas are billed by the amount of memory reserved and tallied daily. A monthly bill might include 9 days at 1 GB of RAM, 11 days at 2 GB of RAM and 10 days at 4 GB of RAM. Quota capacity is a hard limit; unused capacity does not “roll over” month to month.

What quotas limit

Quotas limit the following resources:

If a new application push would exceed your organization’s quota, the request will fail with status code 400 and a message that describes the limit that would be exceeded.


Creating app APPLICATION in org ORG / space SPACE as USER… FAILED Server error, status code: 400, error code: 100007, message: You have exceeded the instance memory limit for your organization’s quota.

In this situation you have three options:

  1. Delete existing resources with cf delete, delete-service, delete-route or similar.
  2. Reconfigure individual existing application quotas and redeploy.
  3. Request a quota change by asking support. You can request an increase in number of routes or service instances with no cost impact. Increasing memory quota changes your costs (as described above).