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When you purchase, your monthly cost is made of three components:

The following sections explain the options and pricing for each component. The last section is a summary: a table of cost options.

Agencies pay through an Interagency Agreement (IAA) with 18F.

Access package

You select an access package based on the kinds of applications you plan to host. This is the basic unit for access. The access package sets your annual fee, and your other costs are added on top of this annual fee. Some packages set a cap on resource usage for your account. Find out more about what’s included in all access packages.

These are the access package options:

  • Sandbox: A way to try for free (with limitations), not for production. Free.

  • Prototyping: Deploying demo applications with a domain, not for production. $15K per year.

  • Open Data: One system with no confidentiality risk assessed, with custom domain support included. $10K per year.

  • FISMA Low: One public-facing FISMA Low system, with custom domain support included. $20K per year.

  • FISMA Moderate: One public-facing FISMA Moderate system, with custom domain support included. $90K per year.

See the package comparison table below for more details about suitable uses for each package.

Resource usage quota

Along with the access package you select, you will be charged for the quota you set for your resource usage. The quota is the memory, in MB of RAM, you reserve for your applications. Unused memory is not refunded, and it does not ‘roll over’ month to month.

Quotas are monitored daily and are invoiced monthly at these rates:

  • Sandbox: Free, with resource usage capped at 1 GB of RAM per month.

  • Open Data: $0.0033 per MB reserved per day, capped at 2 GB of RAM per month.

  • All other packages: $0.0033 per MB reserved per day (usually this results in $99/GB/month), capped where your team sets the cap.

Find more about quota billing and limits.

Managed services

Managed services are services that can spin up quickly and run on your behalf (databases, storage, caching, etc.). You can see the services and plans offered for each service by running cf marketplace.

While we aren’t currently charging for these, we plan to charge for them in the future, to account for the resources they consume and our efforts to provide them as a service. The pricing for each service will be different. Managed services will be billed by the service instance, invoiced per month, and will be severable. We will ensure users of those services are aware of the rates when they are set, and they will not be charged before then.

This pricing will only be for services created through If you are using additional public or private services offered by TTS Infrastructure, they are priced and billed separately - speak with your 18F Finance point of contact for more information. You can also use external databases, SMTP servers, etc. that are not managed by 18F or with no additional fee.

Package comparison table

All three pricing components are factored into every access package. Use this table to compare packages and their costs.

Package What’s included? Annual access package fee* Usage quota price Managed services available
Sandbox Anyone with a U.S. federal government email address can try a limited free space. Free Free, capped at 1GB/month Only free services
Prototyping Suitable for many teams to deploy apps, though limited to the * domain. Access control can be delegated to teams. No production data allowed. Usually purchased per agency/department. $15K ~$99/GB/month All**
Open Data One public-facing Open Data (no confidentiality risk assessed) system, including all the spaces needed and DNS support. $10K ~$99/GB/month, capped at 2GB/month All** (up to $2500/year)
FISMA Low One public-facing FISMA Low system, including all the spaces needed and DNS support. $20K ~$99/GB/month All**
FISMA Moderate One public-facing FISMA Moderate system, including all the spaces needed and DNS support. Additional support for FISMA Moderate data requirements. $90K ~$99/GB/month All**

*Access agreements are severable, and the access package fees are invoiced monthly.

**We aren’t yet charging for paid services. See managed services for details.

Find out more about this pricing model and how we define these terms.