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Nov 18, 2016

Platform Release Notes

Curious what’s new that you might find helpful as a application developer? Here are highlights from our platform updates over the past four weeks.


  • supports the .NET Core buildpack (learn about buildpacks).
  • You can invite teammates who aren’t in agencies with supported single-sign-on authentication (GSA, EPA, FDIC). After you invite them, they can log in by creating a account with multi-factor authentication.
  • The dashboard shows the current memory, disk usage and quota limits for apps.
  • You can create deployer accounts programmatically.
  • For FDIC users: you can log into using your agency single-sign-on credentials.


  • We upgraded Cloud Foundry (the underlying open source project that powers to Release v246, which includes updates to buildpacks and improvements for internal components.


You can restage your application to incorporate the latest security fixes and ensure you’re running the most recent language version supported.