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Changes to services and prices

Changes to services and prices

Aug 26, 2019

Summary’s funding source (the Acquisition Services Fund) requires us to review our expenditures and adjust rates to cover the cost of running the service. Starting on October 1, 2019, new interagency agreements (including renewals) will use the following prices. Agreements already in place will not change, and any modification or amendment to an existing agreement in FY20 will retain the original rate until FY21.

Access fees

Plan Previous monthly price New monthly price
Prototyping $1,250.00/month $1,550.00/month
FISMA Low $1,666.67/month $2,070.00/month
FISMA Moderate $7,500.00/month $9,300.00/month

Memory quota cost

Resource Previous monthly price New monthly price
Memory Approximately $105 per gigabyte/month $130 per gigabyte/month

Additional details

  • To simplify billing, we will calculate memory costs monthly instead of daily. We will prorate the billing for modifications in the middle of the month, such as memory quota changes or agreements that start in the middle of the month.

  • RDS, S3, Elasticsearch, and Redis will now run on “high-availability” servers, providing you with additional stability and redundancy.

  • Previously, provided RDS, S3, Elasticsearch, and Redis at no additional cost for a “limited time.” We will continue to provide these services at no additional cost as long as your memory quota remains below the following limits. If you expect to need larger amounts of storage, contact At higher amounts, we will charge you for the additional IaaS costs.

    Previous storage limit New storage limit
    RDS unspecified 1 TB
    S3 unspecified 5 TB
    Redis 10 GB 10 GB
    ElasticSearch 10 GB 10 GB

If you have questions or want a customized cost projection for your agreement, email us at and we’ll be happy to help.