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Interested in using Pages?

If you’re interested in using Pages at your agency, email the Pages team at with your name, agency or office, and information about the website you want to build or migrate. We’ll schedule a call to answer your questions and help you get started.

For existing Pages users

If you’re in need of assistance, please submit a support ticket to with a link to your Pages website, a link to the code repository for your site, and a description of your problem. If applicable, please also include any build logs that show the issue. Please do not include passwords or any sensitive information in your support ticket.

The Pages team provides support during business hours for U.S. East and West Coast time zones. While we're unable to guarantee support outside of these hours, we’re always monitoring for issues that might affect uptime as we host many sites using Pages.

Pages is hosted on is constantly monitored and set up for low or zero-downtime deployments, and should be continuously operating. Check's current status and history of uptime.

Report a vulnerability

We welcome vulnerability reports according to our vulnerability disclosure policy. Please review our vulnerability disclosure policy before reporting a vulnerability.

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