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A Platform as a Service for government teams

Focus on developing your applications. We manage the security, compliance, and maintenance of the virtual machines and servers.

Deploying applications that serve the public shouldn’t be slow or hard. gives government teams access to modern cloud deployment with fewer hassles. Now you can:

  • Quickly deploy applications that comply with federal policies — without needing to manage infrastructure.
  • Run scalable cloud-native applications. provides services on top of Amazon Web Services (GovCloud), so you can use AWS services.
  • Try experiments: build and test prototypes without adding extra expense.
  • Shorten the path to ATO (Authority to Operate) for each new or updated application, because after your agency gives ATO, only your application needs to be evaluated for security and compliance.

We’re a government team, and we designed to handle real challenges. is built by 18F in GSA’s Technology Transformation Service (TTS), where our mission is to help agencies build, buy, and share technology that helps them better serve the public. We found that the more apps we built, the more cloud operations and ATOs slowed down deployments.

Instead of trying to provide infrastructure support for every product, our cloud ops staff designed a platform that every team could use. Now we’re making it available to other government teams as part of our mission.

This is why we built is 18F’s cloud-hosting product line for federal teams. It addresses baseline security and scalability concerns consistently, right up front, without requiring a huge number of cloud operations experts. Instead, digital service teams can use these tools to focus on delivering quality products.


We remove the complexity of the cloud infrastructure and give you a usable interface that you can use to deploy secure apps quickly. This is platform-as-a-service, or PaaS.

Security documentation support

As a byproduct of building the platform, we have open source, software-friendly documentation of’s NIST controls, ready to incorporate into your own FISMA and ATO documentation, however you need it.

More to come

Where goes from here will depend on how teams use it today. Already, we are exploring additional products: domain microservices, access to third-party tools, and technologies that may be needed for “government-as-a-service.” makes deployments easier, faster, and stronger.

We don’t think the challenges we faced are unique. All agencies have a mandate to deploy their services in the cloud, and all cloud deployments require operations support, security, and compliance. We give you that.


We use an open source API and tools for teams to take care of environments, services, applications, access points, and billing structures. You use our straightforward UI to deliver a great app.


The support team provides spot support for teams when they encounter issues. We use what we learn from this work to improve, addressing these issues for every team at once.


We deploy on a hardened operating system. We centrally scan and audit the platform and every application on it. And the open source, publicly documented deployment creates an economy of scale that benefits every app, no matter who owns it.

Conformity with federal rules

Every NIST control for our platform, infrastructure, and human layers is documented and ready to use in many different contexts, updated automatically as we update the platform. Use our work to shave dozens of hours off the usual app-by-app, copy-and-paste compliance process.

It’s a solution that keeps getting better.

We built on the open source, public Cloud Foundry project. We completed the first prototype in about three months, and we started launching production apps about a month after that. We continue to fine-tune it based on the needs of the apps that teams have built.

Because it’s open source, we can continue to take advantage of improvements to the operability and security of Cloud Foundry. It helps us scale.

Because it’s an agile project, is always under development. As we observe its use, we will continue to add new capabilities. Therefore, we do not say it is “complete” and we probably never will.


“With the help of, College Scorecard was able to focus on making important data available to the public. The streamlined ATO process was incredibly helpful in launching the project on schedule. We needed specific services that were not yet available in the platform, and the team responded quickly and supported our needs, letting us focus on the data and the software.” Sarah Allen, 18F developer on the College Scorecard team

“I managed the staging environment for the eRegs instance at CFPB and spent at least a fifth of my time managing the instance. On ATF’s eRegs instance, which runs on, that time was cut down to less than a day of configuration. I will gladly remove ‘server management’ from my resume now.” CM Lubinksi, 18F developer on the ATF eRegulations team

“The platform actually allows us to follow the fundamental software tenet of not repeating ourselves versus our previous framework. Every subsequent deploy of a stack allows us to add to our toolset for future re-use.” Kaitlin Devine, 18F Director of Engineering

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