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Status page and console additions

September 01, 2015

We’ve added a new status page to show you the state of the platform, and we’ve made significant upgrades in your ability to manage your apps via the web.

Status Page

As production use of ramps up, it’s important that you have a constant picture of the platform’s status, which may affect your product’s operations and availability.

We’re now providing this visibility via the Status Page, where you’ll be able to see at a glance:

  • When there are any ongoing or recent degradations in service
  • When any maintenance is planned or recently completed

We’ve proactively subscribed existing users to that page, so there’s no need for any action on your part… You’ll be notified via e-mail whenever problems are identified, or when planned maintenance is expected to impact your application’s availability. However, you can also use the subscription control at the upper-right of the page to subscribe to updates via texts or Atom/RSS feed if you so choose.

Console Improvements

In addition to the command-line client, the web-based console has now entered an alpha state. You can use the console to review your organizations and spaces, and manage the state of your applications, services, and routes. Creation of accounts, orgs, and spaces is still managed via GitHub request.

Here are examples of actions now possible via the magic of your Interweb-capable browsing apparatus:

  • Traverse the layout of your accessible organizations and spaces
  • Control access to your owned orgs and spaces for other accounts
  • Browse a list of available services and provision new instances
  • Bind service instances with specific applications
  • Edit the routes that will bring user traffic to an application
  • Inspect the live resource utilization of a running application
  • Restart stopped or misbehaving applications

If you’ve not taken a look in a while, please check it out!

Note I said above the console is in “alpha” state, and really it’s more of an MVP. Please report problems or feature requests or better yet, make pull-requests via GitHub. (Side note: We are short-handed on front-end/design/UI resources, so any quick help anyone can offer, even if it’s just some help with our IA, would be very VERY welcome!)

Other stuff

We’re now publishing our roadmap in story-map form in case anyone wants to get a peek at what we’re focused on now and what we’re juggling for the future. Our focus right now is: Buttoning up loose ends that prevent us from offering to other agencies.

Our intra-sprint kanban board is also visible, as is the calendar of team rituals for anyone who would like to attend.

That’s all for now…

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