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Pricing Deliver great services with compliance and infrastructure automated behind the scenes.

Contact us for answers to your questions and help with an estimate, or to start an Inter-Agency Agreement purchase.

All use of includes:

  • FedRAMP JAB-authorized hosting
  • Self-service provisioning of services
  • Self-service deployment of apps
  • Basic technical and compliance support (during business hours)
  • Documentation/tutorial material
  • Continuous platform-level scanning and security updates

Free services

  • Postgres database
  • MySQL database
  • Elasticsearch RESTful search and analytics
  • Redis in-memory data store
  • S3 object store

Paid packages also include:

  • Self-service management of spaces and user access
  • Single-sign-on with your SAML identity provider
  • Access to premium add-on services

Premium services — free for a limited time

  • High-performance Postgres database options
  • High-performance MySQL database options
  • High-performance Elasticsearch options
  • High-performance Redis options
  • Oracle database
  • CDN route service (supporting caching, custom domains, and auto-renewing TLS certificates)

Not included

You’re responsible for operating and securing your own code. You’re responsible for complying with your agency’s requirements, which typically includes getting an ATO for your system.

Professional services

Basic support is included if you need occasional help. If you need more help, we’re here for you.

Agency-wide enablers

Customize how connects to your agency so more of your applications can work with

Your fees enable us to provide and improve this shared service of the General Services Administration. Payment is arranged via the Inter Agency Agreement process.