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Understanding Kibana and how to visualize your application logs

December 08, 2022

This article briefly explains what Kibana does, what types of logs are available in Kibana, and how to create log visualizations in Kibana.

Fixing certificate validation errors from AWS CLI when using the cg-egress-proxy

November 04, 2022

How to fix certificate errors if you are using the AWS CLI from an application protected by the cg-egress-proxy

Encryption in transit on

November 04, 2022

This article documents the status of encryption in transit for various types of traffic on the platform.

Reducing iteration time by using a custom PostgreSQL broker

May 05, 2022

How to use postgres-tinsmith service broker to quickly create PostgreSQL databases from a shared RDS instance

Managing egress traffic from your app

December 16, 2021

If you are having issues connecting to external services from your app, use these tips to troubleshoot

Restricting access to apps

October 05, 2021

Information to help you restrict access to your apps

Sending emails from the platform

September 21, 2021

Information to help if you need to send emails from your app

Issues setting up an external domain service

September 15, 2021

Some tips on how to address issues when setting up a new external domain service