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Platform Release Notes: February 28, 2017

February 28, 2017

Curious what’s new that you might find helpful as a application developer? Here are highlights from our platform updates over the past two weeks.


People who have a federal government email address can create a free sandbox space using Previously, they had to send an email requesting an invite.


  • You can configure CDN instances that pass the original host to your application. This lets you set up relative redirects with your own domain name rather than with * Related, the commands for creating a new CDN service instance have changed slightly.
  • To accept a invitation, you have to click a button after visiting the link in the invitation email. This prevents invitations from expiring before use. Some government agencies use services that scan URLs in incoming emails by automatically clicking them, which caused earlier invites to expire before they could be used.


Available services appear consistently in the dashboard. Previously, the UI sometimes acted as though it was loading them without ever serving them to you.

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