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Platform Release Notes: March 27, 2017

March 27, 2017

Curious what’s new that you might find helpful as a application developer? Here are highlights from our platform updates over the past two weeks.


When you create a identity provider service instance, you can now add scopes from a whitelist of approved scopes. This makes it easier to enable specific permissions and access for additional types of users in your applications.


We recommend updating to the latest version (6.25) of the Cloud Foundry command line interface (CLI). This can prevent errors when using the cf CLI. You can check your currently-installed version using cf -v


The dashboard’s loading icon no longer displays after pages finish loading. Before, they would continue indefinitely.


  • On March 15th, we deprecated support for building and deployment on the East/West environment. This is in preparation for an upcoming shutdown of that environment. We are supporting a few customers in the process of migrating from East/West to GovCloud, but in all other cases we now support the GovCloud environment exclusively.
  • The latest Go buildpack deprecates support for Go 1.6. The next Go release will remove support for 1.6.


The latest Go buildpack no longer supports Go 1.5.


We upgraded the Cloud Foundry deployment to v254. We have also upgraded the following buildpacks to versions newer than the buildpacks included in CF v254:

As part of the Cloud Foundry upgrade, the base filesystem used for running your application has been updated to address several security vulnerabilities. You should restage your application to incorporate fixes in the base filesystem and ensure you’re running the most recent language version supported by your buildpack.

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If you’re interested in details about recent dashboard updates, you can also see the dashboard release notes.

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