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An official website of the United States government platform release notes, plus join our workshop on September 28

August 31, 2017

Curious what’s new that you might find helpful as a user? Here are highlights from our platform updates over the past two weeks.

Announcements Workshop: You’re invited to our free workshop on September 28th. If you’re evaluating or getting started with it, you will learn how to use to launch applications and get the power and advantages that come from using a Platform as a Service. Bring a laptop if you’re coming in-person or join us online to learn how can work for you. authentication moving to OMB MAX: If you use a account (not if you use EPA, FDIC, or GSA single sign-on login), read our August 22 update about our plan to migrate your account’s authentication to OMB MAX. We’ll notify you at least three weeks before we make the switch. You can create your MAX account any time. We encourage you to do it soon so you’re set well in advance.


  • Inline messages provide guidance on what roles are required to add or modify users on the dashboard.


  • In the dashboard, users who are already added to your spaces will not show up in the drop down list of users.
  • Previously, users who were added to from a space page on the dashboard did not immediately appear in the list of users for that space

In case you missed it

Our latest quarterly newsletter is out and features stories about how two of our customers, FEC and FBI, used the platform. Do you know of an app on more people should be aware of? Let us know what the app is and we’ll reach out to learn more about it.

Platform releases

We upgraded the Cloud Foundry deployment to v271.

You should restage your application to incorporate fixes in the base filesystem included with this release and ensure you’re running the most recent language version supported by your buildpack.

Additional upgrades

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