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High availability Redis, our upcoming workshop, and more from

September 12, 2017

Curious what’s new that you might find helpful as a user? Here are highlights from our platform updates over the past two weeks.


Reminder: Our workshop is coming up on September 28th. If you’re evaluating or getting started with it, you will learn how to use to launch applications and get the power and advantages that come from using a Platform as a Service. Bring a laptop if you’re coming in-person or join us online to learn how can work for you. Register now if you’d like to attend!



  • Redis version 2.8 is no longer supported and will eventually be unavailable. Please migrate to version 3.2 as soon as possible and watch upcoming release notes for news about this service’s end of life.


  • In the dashboard, org managers are now able to properly adjust user roles in their spaces.
  • Some marketplace services cannot be configured via the dashboard. The dashboard now directs you to instructions for using the CLI to provision the service.

Platform releases

We upgraded the Cloud Foundry deployment to v272.

You should restage your application to incorporate fixes in the base filesystem included with this release and ensure you’re running the most recent language version supported by your buildpack.

Additional upgrades

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