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Introducing the new dashboard

February 27, 2020

You ask, we deliver! We are excited to introduce our adoption of Stratos as the new web-based dashboard.

This is a new face on the same data and lets us improve the way you access your existing information. Our goal is to deliver an improved user experience and make it easier to manage apps, users, orgs, and spaces.

We’ve started the process of deprecating the old dashboard to replace it with the new dashboard. As of today, please use the dashboard at In the next week or so, we’ll sunset the former dashboard and the new dashboard will be available at both URLs - don’t worry about your bookmarks!

The new dashboard will allow your team to both manage applications running on and perform management tasks like permissions and invitations. This replaces the dashboard and we’re excited to use and contribute to the community-maintained project.

This dashboard brings many more command-line tasks to the web. For example, you can deploy an app directly from a web-hosted Git repository, and SSH into an application instance via the browser.

We are committed to improving the user experience of government. If you have questions, please don’t hesitate to reach out at

We recommend that you subscribe to service updates at the StatusPage.

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