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Writing an SSP for a system: System Environment

February 17, 2021

At, we often get requests from partners going through the ATO process for guidance on how to complete the System Environment section of their System Security Plan (SSP). Since this is a common question, here is an example to get you started. Partners with additional questions can also reach out to

System Environment

As the PaaS is based on Cloud Foundry, our application components are each built and deployed in accordance with their corresponding Cloud Foundry manifest files. Manifest files indicate the required Cloud Foundry buildpack (e.g, language runtime for Node.js, Python, Docker, etc.) and stack (e.g., cflinuxfs3, which is based on Ubuntu 18.04). Our application components operate on Cloud Foundry containers provided by As a result, they rely on security configurations put into place by the team.

Once an application is built into an app image, the platform instantiates a corresponding execution container, isolated from other tenant applications, within which the application’s process will run. To improve availability for end users, 3 instances of the web application are launched in Behind the scenes, deploys these instances across multiple availability zones within the AWS GovCloud (US) region.

Our application is deployed to by the continuous integration server (fill in the blank).

The platform ensures that these buildpack and stacks have been configured and hardened as required by our authorizing agency.

Likewise, provides suitable, hardened configuration for the following brokered services: Relational Database Service (RDS) for PostgreSQL, S3, CloudFront and Redis.

Finally, maintaining TLS certificates for the application components accessible via the web and terminating inbound, external SSL (TLS) encrypted connections to them are also handled by using their Let’s Encrypt TLS certificate broker, and documented in the System Security Plan (SSP).

Asset Inventory The following table identifies the virtual and physical components of the our application 1.1.

IP Address/Hostname Make Model and Firmware Location Components that Use this Device org: my-org
space: prod
app: my-app
nodejs_buildpack Cloud Foundry cflinuxfs3 org: my-org
space: prod
RDS my-db brokered AWS RDS service PostgreSQL 12.3 app: my-app

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