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October 29th Change Log

October 29, 2021

Change Log

Customer Facing

There were no customer-facing changes this sprint.

Platform Changes

AIDE – 16 up from 15

  • Remove post-deployment report from AIDE post-deploy to reduce false-alarms caused by timing issues

FISMA – 57 up from 54

  • disable rsync explicitly - previously, rsync ran based on a condition that would never be true
  • remove dangling systemd-timesyncd files
  • update IPv6 rules
  • other minor updates

Logsearch - 211.1.38 up from 211.1.26

  • add acceptance test validating the number of recently-indexed logs

Secureproxy - 52 up from 51

  • change nginx client_temp_path to a more appropriate location

Shibboleth - 82 up from 70

  • upgrade tomcat to 8.5.65
  • upgrade shibboleth to 3.4.8
  • upgrade TOTP plugin

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