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January 21st Change Log

January 21, 2022

Happy New Year!

The team is working on providing change logs so everyone can see new features and updates. Some highlights include cf-deployment v17.1, S3 Broker and Log4J Fixes.

Change Log

Customer Facing

java-buildpack - 4.47* up from 4.46*

  • Bump java-buildpack to 4.47*

This release focuses on dependency updates, primarily that fix the latest Apache Log4j2 vulnerability, CVE-2021-45105, in dependencies used by the Java buildpack.

In particular, the following dependencies have been updated to include Log4j 2.17.0 and have been patched in this release:

  • AppDynamics Java Agent (21.11.3)
  • New Relic Java Agent (7.4.3)

php-buildpack - 4.4.55* up from 4.4.53*

  • Bump php-buildpack to 4.4.55*
    • Bump appdynamics agent to 22.1.0
    • Rebuild php 8.0.14 to update modules for stack(s) cflinuxfs3
    • Rebuild php 7.4.27 to update modules for stack(s) cflinuxfs3
    • Add composer 2.2.4, remove composer 2.2.3 for stack(s) cflinuxfs3

Platform Changes

Snort - 570 up from 567

  • Just the usual snort updates

Logsearch - 211.1.46 up from 211.1.39

  • Bump logsearch to v211.1.46

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