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February 02, 2023

*Note: This DOES NOT apply to Pages users authenticating or logging into the platform at with their email. Please disregard the following.

Attention Federalist Users:

If you have not migrated your Federalist account to Pages via self-migration on or through an invite to, your account will be removed from the platform on 2023-04-02 (proposed). Our transition from Federalist to the FedRAMP authorized Pages means we will no longer support authenticating or logging into the system with GitHub. You will still connect your GitHub account to the Pages platform to build and add sites but this connection process will be a one time action within the Pages app.

After the deprecation date (2023-04-02), your existing account will be removed from the platform and will no longer be accessible to you. If a site you had access to is already in an organization, you will have to request an invite to Pages from that site’s organization manager. You can also regain access to the platform by requesting a sandbox account by emailing

To avoid being impacted by this change, please login to with your GitHub account and go through the self-migration process.