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Announcing FedRAMP CSP Community mailing list

August 01, 2023

Part of the mission of is to improve cloud adoption across the U.S. government, irrespective of vendor. In that vein, we support the FedRAMP®️ Compliance Practitioner Community of Practice, an email listserv supported by GSA’s

The goal of the community is to bring together people working on FedRAMP compliance to address common questions and concerns. We strive to maintain an inclusive, professional community that engages in on-topic discussions. The community is not associated with the FedRAMP Program Management Office.

The list is open to compliance staff at CSPs listed at the FedRAMP Marketplace as authorized or in-process, or when a CSP has retained a 3PAO to pursue authorization.

You can read all about this at Compliance Community, and join today by sending an email to from the domain of your FedRAMP CSP.

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