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Enterprise accounts

The enterprise account is designed for IT groups that need to support multiple applications across different offices within an agency. An enterprise agreement unifies business processes, such as financial management, human resource management, and inventory management, into a single platform; everything is managed through one account rather than many. With this approach, your team can focus on the mission of your agency and get access to key services they need.

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Benefits of an enterprise account

Account management

Enterprise account customers benefit from centralized account management. This enables easier business planning, improved record-keeping, higher productivity due to simplified customization and scalability.

Cost savings

Enterprise account customers realize savings in time, resources, and investment. The collective IAA business process burden is reduced, allowing your acquisition staff to be more productive. In addition, enterprise systems make it easier to develop business plans and track how your agency is reaching its goals. It will also help you:

  • With one access fee, teams can develop multiple applications in a shared prototyping org
  • Monitor your business expenses
  • See user satisfaction results
  • Deliver cloud modernization


Enterprise customers can harden their security posture by centralizing security through one account rather than managing many accounts. This includes:

  • Control access to your team from one dashboard - while allowing developers autonomous access to cloud tools
  • Security alerts, risk, vulnerabilities managed on one platform
  • Reliable record keeping and compliance thanks to built-in inheritable security controls

Enterprise account management

A designated agency point of contact supports each enterprise account. Their responsibilities include:

  • Liaison for accounting/ finance check-ins with the team
  • Engage with agency stakeholders for IAA agreement funding
  • Liaison for technical needs between programs

Accelerate production launch timelines improves project delivery schedules by reducing agency cloud operations burden. For most agencies, in the best-case scenario, it can take 6-9 months to deploy traditional systems to production. Security and compliance requirements are complex, and many agencies are not staffed appropriately to own and operate cloud infrastructure. makes it easier for teams to move to production by eliminating duplicative work in procurement, provisioning of services, development, documentation, auditing, deployment, and day to day operations.

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