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You don't have to build your tech from the ground up. helps teams build, run, and authorize cloud-ready or legacy government systems quickly and cheaply.

Compliant from the start offers a fast way for federal agencies to host and update websites, APIs, and other applications. Employees and contractors can focus on developing mission-critical applications, leaving server infrastructure management to us.

FedRAMP authorized has a FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB) authorization, which means it complies with federal security requirements. When you build a system on, you leverage this compliance and reduce the amount of work you need to do.

Is right for you? is great for:

  • Easily building new, cloud-native applications
  • Migrating applications to make them scale easily and reduce costs
  • Advancing your agency's use of the cloud through a FedRAMP-authorized platform

We’re a great fit when:

  • Your team (either in-house or on contract) serves a federal government organization
  • You or your teams can use the IAA/MOU process to pay GSA for
  • Your applications are Moderate impact level or lower


Production packages

Production packages range from $2,070 per month for a FISMA Low system to $9,300 per month for a FISMA Moderate system.

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Federal Election Commission

FEC website

By hosting on and moving its data to the cloud, the FEC anticipates saving 85% in hosting costs and is better prepared for peak traffic events.

Although the dates of FEC’s traffic spikes may be predictable, it’s still hard to prepare for the extra demands on the system. “A server that’s still operable but near the end of its life can have unexpected problems” and buying a new server can take months. But on, “this isn’t our problem.”

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Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives

Every Kid in a Park

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