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New versions of PostgreSQL supported

August 01, 2023

PostgreSQL versions 13, 14, and 15 are now fully supported on

Announcing FedRAMP CSP Community mailing list

August 01, 2023

Email from your CSP email to join

Independence Day 2023 Office Hours

July 03, 2023 office hours will be cancelled on July 4 2023 in observance of Independence Day.

Upgrade your databases - AWS ending support for MySQL 5.7 in January/February 2024.

June 05, 2023

AWS is ending support for MySQL 5.7 databases starting in January/February 2024. Read on for instructions for how to upgrade your brokered databases.

Announcing Compliance Office Hours

June 01, 2023 will dedicate the last office hours meeting of every month to compliance-related questions starting June 27.

Upgrading a Jekyll site to Ruby 3.1

May 24, 2023

Ruby 2.7 has reached “end of life” so we’re providing instructions on how to upgrade your Jekyll site to use Ruby 3.1. Pages will continue supporting Ruby 2.7 builds for six months, but then only Ruby 3 versions will be supported.

Deprecation Notice for cflinuxfs3 stack and cflinuxfs3 Buildpacks

May 16, 2023

cflinuxfs4 buildpacks are here and cflinuxfs3 buildpacks are retiring, upgrade your apps now!

May 1st Change Log

May 01, 2023

The team is working on providing change logs so everyone can see new features and updates.

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