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Full steam ahead on FedRAMP assessment

July 19, 2016

Over on the 18F team blog, we’ve posted an update on’s FedRAMP assessment progress. In short: we’ve passed the FedRAMP Ready milestone, and we expect to receive FedRAMP Joint Authorization Board (JAB) Provisional Authority to Operate (P-ATO) in November. More details in the post!

Today’s Dashboard update (formerly the “Deck”)

July 07, 2016

Today we released a new version of the Deck (now Dashboard). The best part is invisible: we refactored the codebase so we can improve it much faster than we could with the old version. But it has visible changes too, so here’s what’s new, what we have in mind, and how to tell us what you think.

Changes to login and cf-ssh

June 15, 2016

Earlier this month we updated login and cf-ssh in ways that mean most users need to change how they use them. You’ve probably already made these changes if you need to (we sent email notifications to people who should log in using the new system), but here are the details as a handy reference.