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21st Century IDEA

The 21st Century Integrated Digital Experience Act (IDEA) aims to improve the digital experience for government customers and reinforces existing requirements for federal public websites. Specifically, the Act requires all executive branch agencies to:

  • modernize their websites,
  • digitize services and forms,
  • accelerate use of e-signatures,
  • improve customer experience, and
  • standardize and transition to centralized shared services.

All new, public-facing websites and digital services must meet eight specific requirements:

  1. Accessible - be accessible to individuals with disabilities in accordance with Section 508
  2. Consistent - have a consistent appearance
  3. Authoritative - not overlap with or duplicate existing websites
  4. Searchable - contain a search function
  5. Secure - be provided through a secure connection
  6. User-centered - be designed around user needs with data-driven analysis
  7. Customizable - provide an option for a more customized digital experience
  8. Mobile-friendly - be functional and usable on mobile devices

To learn more about this law, check out the 21st Century IDEA resource on

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