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An official website of the United States government

Before you launch

We’ve worked to make publishing a government site on Pages as simple as possible. Please note that while the entire process usually takes a couple days, it may take up to a week, so plan accordingly.


  • You must have an active, signed IAA with Pages. Sandbox accounts without IAAs will be unable to configure custom domains and preview urls are not suitable for production use.

  • Your agency must accept the risk of launching a site on Pages. Be sure to follow your agency’s procedures and guidelines for operating your site using Pages.

  • You must understand your responsibilities.

  • Ensure you know how, or who to contact to make changes to the DNS configuration for your domain.

  • If necessary, obtain a custom domain.

Launch Process

  1. Notify Pages support of your intent to launch along with your repository name/url and production-ready git branch via:
    • email:
    • Slack: #cg-pages
  2. Complete any site security scanning requirements as required by your agency CISO. Read our documentation about required security scanning for more information

  3. Complete the process of adding your custom domain. If you are migrating an existing site to Pages, make sure to review minimizing downtime

  4. Your site will now be live!

Launch Checklist

  1. Notify Pages support that you are ready to launch your site
  2. Configure your DNS
  3. Notify Pages support
  4. Configure your custom domain)

An official website of the U.S. General Services Administration

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