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Access and Permissions

Initial access

Personal access

Users can be granted access to Pages in one of two ways:

  1. Pages Users with the manager role in a Pages Organization can “invite” users to their Pages Organization. If the invited user is not currently a Pages User, a UAA User is created for them. Once the UAA User accepts the invitation to join UAA and completes the authentication process with their chosen IdP, they are allowed access to the Pages Application. Additionally, once the UAA User is created, the corresponding Pages User is granted access to the appropriate Pages Organization, allowing the Pages User access to the organization’s corresponding Pages Sites.

  2. When a Pages Operator creates a new Pages Organization in the Pages Application, a user will be designated as the first manager for the Pages Organization. If the user is not already a Pages User, the user follows the same process as in 1.

Pages organizations

Pages Users within an Organization will be able to see all of the Sites in the Organization without having to manually add them. Pages Users can have one of two Roles within an Organization: user or manager. The roles are identical with the exception that Organization managers have the ability to add/remove/manage other Pages Users within the Organization, including triggering invites to the Pages platform if necessary for new users. Organizations can only be created and deactivated by Pages Operators.

Site permissions

To take any actions on a site in Pages, you need permissions set on the corresponding GitHub repository. Write access grants most permissions.

Collaborator or write access

Collaborators with write access to a site’s repository can:

  • add a current Pages site to their sites list
  • trigger site rebuilds
  • view site build history and build logs
  • view site collaborator list
  • view and update site settings
  • view site branches, branch previews and uploaded files


Administrators of a site’s repository can take all actions available to collaborator and can:

  • add a new repo to Pages
  • delete a site from Pages
  • add/remove site collaborators