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Large File Handling

There are a few guidelines and restrictions to be aware of when dealing with large files, or a large number of files.

General Guidelines

Due to restrictions imposed by Github and, as well as the internal infrastructure of Pages, sometimes builds fail when running out of disk space. This usually shows up as an error in build logs like "Disk quota exceeded" or "No space left on device". The Pages team is looking into longer-term upgrades to help ease these restrictions. In the meantime, here are a few general rules and tips:

  • Regular build container provide 2GB of total user space. Because dependencies like those included in your Gemfile or package.json will be installed here, it’s a good rule of thumb to keep your total Github repository size under 1GB.
    • You can minimize your dependency size by removing development dependencies from package.json and using using npx to call development scripts.
    • You can also minimize your total build size by optimizing images and compressing files that are intended for download.
  • If your site starts hitting this initial limit, you can request an upgrade to 4GB of user space. Send an email to
  • If your site is going over both of these limits, one temporary workaround is to create a new site just to store certain large assets like images, PDFs, or slide decks. For example, you could host large reports in a separate repository which deploys to and then link to these assets from your primary site.


Pages Build Containers

Pages offer two sizes of build containers (“regular”: 4GB and “large”: 6GB). The maximum size is limited by the size of containers available on The first 2GB of each container is taken up by dependencies installed by Pages (Ruby, Node, Python, and additional packages for each) leaving either 2GB or 4GB for the user space.


Github is not intended to store large files or a large number of files. There are caps on the size on an individual file and the total size of a single repository:

  • Individual file size: 100MB*
  • Single repository size: Recommended to keep below 1GB

More details can be found on their website.

*Git LFS can support larger file storage but currently does not integrate with the Pages build process

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