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Renaming a site's repository

Renaming your Pages site repository

Renaming your site’s GitHub repository will interrupt its ability to build. In order to resume site building, it will require you to notify our support team about your change in repository organizations and/or name. (Note: Please be aware that if your site is already live and its repository has been renamed, it will be frozen until the Pages team can update your site’s Github repository.)

Steps for renaming your repository

  1. Notify about the upcoming change to the GitHub repository. Provide Pages support the following:
    • The Pages site the GitHub repository change will affect.
    • The email of the Pages user that has admin access to the newly renamed GitHub repository
    • The GitHub organization and/or repository name that will be changing in the rename.
    • Schedule a time to rename the GitHub repository
  2. Rename the GitHub repository with its updated organizations and/or name
  3. Wait as the Pages support team to update your Pages site to the renamed repository
  4. After the site update, create a test branch to verify the site is building as expected.

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