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Using SSH

You can use SSH to inspect how your app is operating, transfer files via SCP, or interact directly with your bound services. More information about one-off tasks.

You can get a shell via the cf ssh command, which lets you securely log in to an application instance where you can perform debugging, environment inspection, and other tasks.

If you’re trying to debug your app, you’ll need to configure your session to match your application’s environment by running /tmp/lifecycle/shell.

You can interact directly with the services bound to your application via port forwarding (described under “Configure Your SSH Tunnel”). This allows you to access those services using native clients on your local machine. The Service Connect plugin makes this even easier.

Error messages

  • cf ssh uses port 2222. If your network blocks port 2222, you may receive an error message such as Error opening SSH connection or psql: could not connect to server: Connection refused.

How to disable SSH access

SSH access is enabled by default. Space Developers can disable SSH access to individual applications, and Space Managers can disable SSH access to all apps running within a space. See Enabling and Disabling SSH Access for the commands.

You should disable SSH access for production applications to ensure you can audit changes to those applications.

SSH version information

Application containers use the SSH-2.0 protocol. The SSH service uses the Cloud Foundry SSH implementation. For more on how Cloud Foundry implements SSH, refer to Cloud Foundry’s documentation on Understanding Application SSH.